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GAIL (India) Limited

Shri Rajeev Kumar Singhal assumes charge as Director (Business Development), GAIL

New Delhi, 28th November 2023: Shri Rajeev Kumar Singhal assumed charge as the Director (Business Development), GAIL (India) Limited today.

Shri Singhal is an Electronics and Communication Engineer from IIT BHU Varanasi with a Diploma in Business and Finance from ICFAI. He joined GAIL in 1989 as an Assistant Executive Engineer and has spent more than three decades at GAIL in various roles.

He has gained extensive exposure in the operation and maintenance of natural gas installations, SCADA/Telecom, LNG sourcing, trading, shipping, marketing, and business development activities covering mergers and acquisitions, diversification, renewables/green hydrogen, etc.

Some of his notable achievements include marketing US LNG to six fertilizer plants under a long-term contract, renegotiating LNG sourcing contracts from Qatar and Russia, spearheading the acquisition of JBF Petrochemical Limited through NCLT, setting up India’s first Small Scale LNG project, and acquiring a 26% stake in Japonica, an LNG vessel company.

Last Updated: November 28, 2023

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