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GAIL is an Innovation and technology driven company in the hydrocarbon sector with state of art technologies in its areas of operation. The Research & Development (R&D) efforts play an important part in keeping abreast with the latest technologies to remain competitive in its business area of Natural Gas transmission and distribution, Petrochemicals, City Gas Distribution, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas exploration. GAIL has been pursuing the R&D activities in a limited manner in certain related areas of business / operation of the company. Major thrust area of GAIL’s R&D activities are:

  • Natural gas / LPG pipeline monitoring/protection/energy efficiency,
  • Process Intensification/Optimization/Safety/Energy efficiency & De-bottlenecking of Operational Plants,
  • Development of Value-added petrochemicals/New Polymer Grades/ Bio-polymers,
  • Development of catalysts,
  • Development of Natural gas / LPG storage, Methane to Olefins, Bio-CNG/H-CNG,
  • Development of Renewable Energy Technologies such as Solar, Wind, Biofuels,
  • Development of Gas Hydrates and Coal Gasification/CBM,
  • Pollution Control/CO2 Mitigation and Utilization of CO2,
  • Waste Valorisations and Purification of Waste water,
  • Development of Hydrogen/ Fuel cell/ Battery Technologies, E-mobility.

GAIL’s R&D effort aims to develop new or improved materials, fuels, products, processes, systems or devices in identified thrust areas through fundamental and applied research. Towards this aim, GAIL R&D has formulated the vision and mission statement for the development and assimilation of new and advanced technologies in the company’s business operations.

Vision Mission & Policy Statement

Vision: To be a leading R&D establishment in Natural gas, its derivatives & beyond, driven by values of Innovation, Integrity, Customer centricity with focus on Technology assimilation and Talent nurturing

Mission: Strive to develop and assimilate Innovative and Cutting-edge technologies to meet the Business requirements of GAIL

Policy statement: R&D department is committed to development of new or improved materials, fuels, products, processes, systems or devices through research findings. Design, construct and test through Pilots & models the new technologies prior to their commercialization. Provide information on latest technological advancement to maintain the technological edge of GAIL in all its businesses


You may contact for any commercial interest in the Patents.

1. National Patents
Sl No. Tittle Patent No
1. Fixed bed hyper sorber and fractionation of fluid mixtures using the same 254118
2. A novel process for the exclusive production of gasoline, diesel or aromatics along with liquefied petroleum gas from waste polyolefins 307916
3. Absorbent composition and method for removing acidic components from industrial gases 316595
4. A composite electrocatalyst 335419
5. A nanocomposite sensor for detection of natural gas 336450
6. Apparatus for storing and transporting gaseous hydrocarbons 362233
7. Hdpe single polymer composites for packaging 368472
8. Knot secure suture from polyethylene 361825
9. Fire retardant nanocomposite composition 319131
10. Aluminosilicate based catalyst for conversion of natural gas to higher hydrocarbons and process thereof 352801
11. Process for sequestration of CO2 and traces of hydrocarbon from natural gas processing industry 385534
12. Porous crystalline covalent organic framework-materials and method of preparation thereof 384671
13. Adsorbent derived from bamboo for high pressure methane storage application and its preparation thereof. 381116
14. An improved process for the preparation of photovoltaic devices 417098
15. A novel self-powered intelligent pipe health monitoring robot (PHMR) for inspecting gas pipeline 403841
16. Process and system for routing lng cold energy for desalinating sea water and power generation 419254
17. Three-Dimensional COF-Graphene and COF-CNT hybrids with remarkable chemical stability for Methane storage 422314
2. International Patents
Sl No. Tittle Patent No
18. Fixed bed hypersorber and fractionation of fluid mixtures using the same US7771510B2
19. Process for dissociation of hydrates in presence of additives or hydrate dissociation promoters US10633572B2
20. A process for dissociation of hydrates in presence of additives or hydrate dissociation promoters JP.7071930.B

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