Online Complaints


GAIL is committed to provide services to its stake holders to their satisfaction in a transparent manner by up holding the highest values of Corporate governance and ethics.

The Online Complaint System is part of the 360° evaluation GAIL has adopted to not only to ensure outstanding performance of individuals but also that of the units, divisions and departments of GAIL and that of GAIL as a 'Corporate Citizen'.

Our endeavor is to uphold and ensure implementation of our core organizational values. However, if due to any unprecedented reasons, you find that there is / are reason(s) to improve, then please lodge a complaint.

If the complaint is regarding redressal of grievance relating to employees, then we request you to approach the authority concerned of the ‘ Redresal Forum’.

With this system GAIL’s existing customers of Natural Gas, Petrochemical, Liquid Hydrocarbon, Gas trading and Transmission business area can logged their complaint related to product quality, technical and commercial in nature. GAIL Customers can register Service Request / Complaint / Indents 24 x 7 online through GAIL’ s webpage. To use CRM module please click on to the link given below

CRM: Customer Relationship Management:

CRM online facilitates Customers to place indent through e-sales and service request through e-Services.

Customers have internet ID and password to access CRM.

CRM provides online Internet Customer Self Services Portal.

GAIL Customers can register Service Request / Complaint / Indents 24 x 7 online through internet.

e-Services provides following facilities through Internet.

Using SAP customer code as User ID, Customers / ZMs can register service request / complaint

Customer can attach reports, text & photos with the complaint.

Online status monitoring of the Service Request / Complaints.

Customer can view Online Reports attached to the service request.

For e-Services / Complaint click any of the following link:
For e-Services / Complaint click any of the following link:

For complaints regarding vigilance viz. corruption, forgery, cheating, misappropriation, favors, willful negligence, reckless in decision making, blatant violation of systems and procedures, irregularities and exercise of delegated powers

Lodge a Complaint

Steps for Lodging a Complain:
  • Register for obtaining Access Code.
  • To open access code, please fill your e-mail ID.
  • You will receive access code in email id provided by you.
  • The access code will be valid for 24 hours from the time of registration.
  • Enter "Access Code" to get the screen for registering complaint.
  • After registering complaint you will receive a complaint No.
  • In case, your access code has expired before registering complaint you have to again obtain a fresh access code.

Obtain Access Code:

Register Complaint

The vendor grievance may be submitted in the ongoing Projects by vendor having valid Vendor Code and Work Order that is presently going-on. The grievance cannot be submitted once work order is finally closed at GAIL’s end.

Last Updated: 28th March, 2017