LPG Transmission

GAIL is the first company in India to own and operate pipelines for LPG transmission. It has 2033 km LPG pipeline network 1,410 km of which connects the western and northern parts of India and 618 km of networks is in the southern part of the country connecting Eastern Coast. GAIL has dedicated LPG pipelines from GPU, Gandhar and GPU Vijaipur to OMC Bottling plants . The LPG transmission system has a capacity to transport 3.83 MMTPA of LPG.


LPG Trunk Pipelines of GAIL

Jamnagar Loni LPG pipeline
Start point RIL Jamnagar, EOL Vadinar and Import terminal at IOCL Kandla
End Point Loni near Ghaziabad, UP
En-route TOPs’ Ajmer & Jaipur in Rajasthan, Piyala & Gurgaon in Haryana, M’ Khadar in Delhi & Loni in Gaziabad (U.P)
Length of P/L 1410 KM including spur pipelines
Thru’ put Capacity 2.5 MMTPA *
*Augmentation project is in advanced stage of completion to increase capacity to 3.25 MMTPA
Vizag-Secunderabad Pipeline
Start point Vizag-HPC Refinery/EIPL Import facility/Cavern storage facilities
End Point Secunderabad, Near Hyderabad
En-route TOPs’ Rajahmundry & Vijayawada and Cherlapally (Secunderabad)
Length of P/L 618 KM
Thru’ put Capacity 1.33 MMTPA

Ongoing Capacity Augmentation of Jamnagar-Loni LPG Pipeline Project:

Sl Projects under execution Details Investment (in Rs Crores) States Covered
1 Capacity Augmentation of Jamnagar Loni LPG Pipeline Project (JLPL) Increasing capacity from 2.5 MMTPA  to 3.25 MMTPA 328 Gujarat & Rajasthan

Sr. No. Chemical Composition Unit Specification (As per IS 4576)
1 Composition, liquid mol percentage
C2 Hydrocarbons
C3 Hydrocarbons
C4 Hydrocarbons
C5 Hydrocarbons
Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
Volatility : evaporation  temperature in deg. C, for 95 percent by volume at 760 mm Hg pressure, Max
Vol. %
Report ( 0.2 to 1 % max)
Report ( 35 % to 65% )
Report (35% to 50%)
2.5 Max


2 Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) ppm < 5 ppm ( Pass)
3 Total Sulphur after odorizing ppm 150 max
4 Moisture   Free water content - none
5 Copper strip corrosion   Not worse than No. 1
Sr. No. Property Data
1 Chemical Formula Mix of mainly C4H10& C3H8
2 Boiling Point (-) 20 0C to (-) 27 0C
3 Explosive Limit 1.5 - 9.0%
4 Vapour Density(Air=1) 1.8
5 Specific Gravity(Liquid) 0.53 - 0.54
6 Appearance Colourless
7 Odour Odourless**
8 Physical State Compressed Liquid
9 Vapour Pressure at 40 0C 1050 KPa(Max)
10 Calorific value ( gross) in Kcal/kg 11900-11950

LPG is odourless but Ethyl Mercaptan is added as odorant as per IS 4576 standard.

LPG Applications

  • Domestic: For use in household
  • Commercial: For use in hotels, bakeries, canteens, etc
  • Auto: For use as fuel in automobiles
  • Industrial: For use in production process

Characteristics of GAIL LPG

  • Processed from Natural Gas
  • Has a high vapour pressure vis-a vis Refinery LPG
  • Vapourises at atmospheric temperature and pressure
  • Clean fuel with almost nil unsaturated compounds
  • Has a higher calorific value than Refinery's LPG and hence gives more value for money
  • Its homogeneous composition results in more efficient combustion
  • The air fuel ratio need not be changed with every batch
  • No Impurities like sulphur, carbon dioxide, traces of oxides of nitrogen. Hence having least corrosion compounds
  • Has nil moisture content

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